Entry fees for lessons (learn to skate and hockey) as well as hockey league participation are included in program registration. There is no entry fee for parents and other non-participants.

CA members with play-type memberships do not pay a cover charge for entry to Recreational Skating sessions.  Admissions for non-members and other CA membership holders vary based on member type. (See below)

Special sessions for skills practice (Stick & Puck and Freestyle) require a cover charge, with prices varying based on residency and membership type. These sessions can also be purchased in bulk at discounted rates.

Public Skating Admission

Admission CA Fit&Play, Play, 5Day Golf&Play,

and Golf Fit&Play members

Other CA members Non-members
Adult Free with ID $7.25 $9.25
Child Free with ID $7.25 $9.25
Skate Rental $3.75 $3.75 $3.75