“Columbia is a fact. It is a new way. Come see it. Talk to the people who live there and the businessmen who work and run businesses there. Visit the schools, churches, playground and shops. See for yourself. It isn’t a perfect city — but it is a better city. It is a city that works for its people. And it raises a banner for a new America.” — James W. Rouse

Columbia — “A New City: From Hope to Prophecy,” June 6, 1978, James W. Rouse Papers, Columbia Archives

Rouse talks about Columbia 11 years after its first family moved into its new home. He talks about the makeup of Columbia and all of the benefits and resources it has to offer. He also talks about the growth of Columbia and where it will be in 10 years.

James Rouse had a vision for Columbia that was a revolutionary idea at the time. He had an idea of people from all different backgrounds living in the same community and working alongside one another to build a better city. Rouse developed Columbia to be a city that was diverse, interactive, and continuous. It is astonishing to see how much Columbia has grown over the past 50 years while staying true to its original roots.