Fit and Fabulous at Any Age

Staying fit after 65 isn’t always easy, but exercise for older adults promotes longevity, improved cognitive function, reduced health risks, and more. Not only does Columbia Association encourage and applaud your efforts, but we have also designed fitness classes to help keep you going strong!

Fight off osteoporosis with the strength training, core and balance work you’ll find during a Build Your Bones class. Increase your mobility and reduce pain by attending a Joints in Motion class.  You can even relieve stiffness in the pool by registering for Aqua Arthritis.

Those who wish to join CA’s more mainstream classes at a bit of a slower pace might enjoy Ai Chi, LaBlast™, BodyFlowTM or similar classes. And you don’t need to be a member to enjoy them! Ai Chi, LaBlast, BodyFlow and other classes are included as part of the Mature Adult 6-Class Pass. The Mature Adult 6-Class Pass entitles any Columbia Cardholder or non-member who is age 65 and older to try a select group of fitness classes at Columbia Athletic Club.

Here are just a few of CA’s fitness classes for seniors:

Build Your Bones

Offered at Columbia Athletic Club on Tuesdays and Thursdays from noon-12:45pm on an ongoing basis. This class features strength training, balance work and core exercises that benefit the health and safety of your bones. Appropriate for all fitness levels. The class is free for CA Fit&Play, 1Fit (Columbia Athletic Club only), and Golf Fit&Play members. For more information, call 410-730-6744 or email 

Joints in Motion

Held at Columbia Athletic Club, this class will help increase your mobility and function and decrease pain and stiffness. Free for CA Fit&Play, 1Fit (Columbia Athletic Club only), and Golf Fit&Play members; $10 per class for all other CA members and Columbia Cardholders; and $16 per class for non-members.  

Senior Swim Pass

Are you a current Play member who would enjoy access to the indoor pools at Columbia Athletic Club and Columbia Gym? The Senior Swim Pass provides 10 passes to access both pools for only $25 — the best deal in town! 

Senior Swim Passes may be purchased at CA’s Customer and Member Service Center, Columbia Athletic Club or Columbia Gym. You must have an existing Play membership and be 65 years of age or older to be eligible to purchase the pass.